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Prana Gyana


The Vision and Mission of Prana Gyana


We envision HONEST, ETHICAL, EMPOWERED people who are leading and advocating a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE with an enhanced quality of life, along with the knowledge of the SELF, aimed at improving overall CONSCIOUSNESS in the world.


Prana Gyana Holistic Health and Wellness Center strives to improve the individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being to enable cosmic personal transformation, through the use of natural, non-invasive holistic techniques, while respecting the needs of the environment and the community.

Vision and Mission

The human species has evolved into “HUMAN DO-ERS” instead of “HUMAN BE-INGS”.  Be empowered! Go inwards and just learn to BE! Connect with the Universal Source and allow the mind, body and spirit to be enlivened! Why wait … and what are you waiting for anyway?  Harness your Life Force Energy (Prana) NOW and see the quantum shift for yourself!  

~Anita Rangaswami~

We know that sometimes life situations can be tough to handle and they bring about turmoil in the mind. In addition, the pace of life today has moved us from HUMAN BEINGS to HUMAN DOERS!  When emotions run high, thoughts are rampant and obsessive, the mind and body is stressed and daily life becomes a struggle! The mind and body are fatigued in more ways than one.  We recognize the need for complementary/alternative therapies and offer confidential, individual consultations for mind, body and spirit healing, education through workshops, and involvement in research efforts to help people regain their health and balance, thereby rediscovering the peace and bliss that exist within each one. 

Our services touch the entire spectrum of ages from cradle to grave – with Ayurvedic holistic consultations, Yoga, Meditation, and energy balancing sessions being offered to kids, adults and seniors in an individual or group setting.



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Prana Gyana
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