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Prana Gyana

Prana Gyana featured in Channel 3 news!
Prana Gyana recognized by Kannada Sangha of Arizona (KSA)

Kudos to Prana Gyana!

By By Prakash Joshi, President KSA

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What Is Prana?

By Anita Rangaswami, Contributor
Article Featured in the Valley India Times, March 2011

Prana is the life force within us, our vitality, which is as an unseen energy that flows continuously and keeps us ticking day after day.  All begins to thrive when there is Prana, and at death, the individual breath merges with the cosmic breath.  

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Anita Rangaswami Recognized by the Seniors Group

By Gita Sagar

Our long standing KSA member, Anita Rangaswami, was one of the Guests of Honor at the event, who was felicitated and presented with an award in recognition of "performing the most valuable services of conducting weekly Yoga Classes for the seniors selflessly".

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