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Prana Gyana

I feel incredibly fortunate to have stumbled across Anita's path.

Take the apple in your hand (paus.)  Look at it (pause.) Smell it," advises Anita as she describes the process of awareness - even when doing something simple like eating an apple. Since participating in the PSM Seminar three months ago and experimenting with the Chakra Healing for the past two months, I have prospered mentally and physically.

Three months ago, after leaving a high-profile scientific research project where I held a responsible position, I found myself plummeted into despair. Walking away from a good salary amid economic cultural chaos was scary but essential since I was near mental and physical collapse.
Working as a co-nemesis against my emotional sense of safety and competency was a cargo of emotional baggage from my childhood and young adulthood. Although I had seen psychologists and psychiatrist at various times in my life in an effort to deal with the symptoms of stress and depression, I have never found a mental health practitioner who was as successful at breaking through my many useless layers of defensiveness. Anita reminds me of the good doctor in the Bette Davis movie, "Now, Voyager." I liken myself to Davis's character Miss Vale when I first showed up on Anita's doorstep three months ago.

Anita, always gentle and encouraging, has taught me through the tools of PSM, surrendering to healing, and challenging the habitual dominance of the mind to rediscover my core values. Through Anita's guidance, I am re-exploring the concept of "fun" and I am cultivating creativity. My sleep is sound, my mind quieted and my expectations for the blue skies of the spirit returned. Anita's depth is discernible. I feel incredibly fortunate to have stumbled across her path."

~ M.R., Phoenix, AZ


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