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Prana Gyana

Thank you, Anita, for bringing this powerful concept and practice into my life.

"My name is Jill and I live in Tempe. Due to some childhood traumas very early in my life I have for years been disconnected from, and tended to discount my body and its needs. As a result I usually feel empty inside, so I eat to fill up the void. I am currently 90 lbs overweight. In May ('09) I took Anita's PSM meditation workshop. Her 2 day format included a 30 minute one-on-one meditation with her. During this time I experienced a very specific feeling of my body and spirit coming together and unifying...becoming as one.

I felt like a whole person and the emptiness that so often plagues me seemed to disappear. I didn't realize that the emptiness was due to a lack of internal connection with my body. Because I now feel so connected inside, I also feel connected with many things outside in my environment including people & groups of people (such as at Church, with friends, family and in general everything from birds and animals to the air and soil). I feel like I am my real self and am more at ease, friendly and outgoing. I still struggle to stay connected with my body due to 50 years of inappropriate perceptions and habits, but meditation helps to calm the anxiety and re-establish the sense of wholeness. It's easier to focus and set priorities on what is really important. I don't know how anybody else will experience this type of meditation, but I do know that it has brought me a profound calmness and a new set of joys. (And by the way, I've lost 5 pounds!) Thank you, Anita, for bringing this powerful concept and practice into my life. I so appreciate you. Namaste.."

~ Jill., Tempe, AZ


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