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Prana Gyana

Good Luck, Anita.  And God Bless You.

"I am so glad to write about my sister-in-law. I have known their family intimately for over 65 years in all the phases of their chequered career in both their military and civilian life as an outstanding military Officer holding noblest virtues of the highest order. Till his very last day when her husband suddenly passed away, he was taking care of his wife of 48 years very well and they lived happily.

My sister in law has been living with her daughter, who is taking very good care of her with her dementia condition. For the last fifteen to twenty years, she has had Asthma, nervous debility and chronic headaches and facial palsy due to a head injury, which persisted over several years. Though she tried to be jubilant as much as she could, her inner suffering and distress used to come out and she could not help expressing her suffering to others virtually all the time as she was in pain and her smile had completely disappeared with the bells palsy.

About four months back I went to Phoenix to attend the Graduation ceremony of my grand nephew. I had very limited time at my disposal to interact for a long time with the family. However in the party I saw my sister in law freely going to every table and interacting freely and joyfully with every guest present there. It struck me very much about the great change that has come over her in her bearing and attitude, which was radically different from what ever I had seen so long. She had opened up a lot and was smiling all the time - the most visible change was that her Bells palsy condition had gone completely. It was a shock to all of us!

It is only about a fortnight back I could sit next to my sister in law for two hours and attend a music performance in a function. I was amazed she was freely humming every song with great delight and happiness the artists were singing. Also she was freely talking to everyone later on. I saw her facial twitch had disappeared and she exhibited no physical complaints or she spoke about them. She used to resent staying alone and being left by herself, was now able to stay at home without complaining or getting angry.

I needed no more evidence to know with what dedication with which Anita has taken to her profession and what service she is rendering to the community! Good Luck Anita and God bless You!"

~ Mandyam Krishnaswamy, San Diego, CA


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