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Prana Gyana

I feel much more peaceful in the world.

"I just want to thank you for the many ways you have helped me with the energy healing treatments you have done with me. I came to Anita to get some help with depression, migraines, sense of being overwhelmed, relationship problems and most especially, because I caught myself getting into a habit of yelling at my 3 year old son. I knew that that anger was misdirected and that I didn't want to be feeling or acting that way at all.  She encourages me to talk about whatever comes to my mind as she does this, and the first couple times I cried a lot; now I don’t have so many tears. When I walk out of there I always feel much lighter.

Early on, I told Anita that I didn't want to get stressed out over things that don’t matter. As it happened, a few weeks into the sessions, the roof of my house collapsed in a summer monsoon. My house was uninhabitable and I had to live in a hotel with my son for a month. When it first happened I came to Anita and laughed, “Oh well, it’ll work out.” And it did. My house came out better than before, with a new roof, new paint, new bathroom, almost all of it paid for by insurance.

Anita encourages everyone to meditate, and also teaches meditation. With her encouragement, I have been meditating 30 minutes a day, every day, for a couple months now. It helps tremendously with everything. I now have the ability to take note of my emotional reactions and mental loops and step back from them. I feel much more peaceful in the world and have more self control over my reactions, internal and external. I feel unburdened, like I’ve set down a lot of my baggage somewhere, and I don’t miss it. I get mad at my son less and less, and when I do, I can redirect it sooner, apologize, laugh at myself, laugh with him, and move on. I am reducing the dosage of my antidepressant medication, to see if I can use these techniques to put aside depression. This is a work in progress. My love life is far from perfect, but what I can say is that, since I started coming to Anita, I have not been upset with my significant other as I was before."

~E.H., Tempe, AZ


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