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Prana Gyana

I truly feel like I have regained my balance and my high spirits!

"In the present world tension and stress is a common word in day to day life. I have read about the practice of yoga ,the asanas, the chakras in our body etc... but this was more for my knowledge or interest.. Several years ago, when I experienced a major tragedy in my life which came very unexpectedly. I was not in a position to accept it or probably did not have the courage to let it go and move on with my life. It had taken a toll on my physical and emotional health and my inability to let things go was affecting my family as well.

Accumulation of stress eventually leads to some sort of physical or mental ailment. In my case, the knee joint and lower back pain took a special place in my body. I had excruciating pain which prevented me from doing any physical exercise and enjoying life in general. The pain had become an integral part of me as I continued with my daily life.

After all these years I happened to meet Anita when I enrolled for Prana Gyana’s® yoga classes. One topic lead to the other and I experienced a few Pranic energy spiritual healing sessions from her. It has most certainly helped me to overcome my actual emotional setback from years ago, and in letting go of the deep emotional and physical pain related to the particular knee and back pain. I have been pain free for more than 2 months. It has been a very different experience for me and the healing has helped me handle various situations in life, especially for a sensitive person like me. I sincerely thank Anita for her concern, devotion and time, in order to make me feel like the way I have. I truly feel like I have regained my balance and my high spirits!"

~SH, Phoenix, AZ 


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