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Prana Gyana

I'm happy I was able to experience Energy Healing.

When I was combating a health condition which had seen only partial success through the modern medicine, Anita offered me an introductory healing session at the Prana Gyana® Holistic Center. After two or three sessions I decided to go through the full course designed by Anita to help me overcome my symptoms. The healing Energy course consisted of several healing sessions per week and practice of very focused yogic postures followed by meditation.

Prana Gyana® center headed by Anita Rangaswami is dedicated to integrating the mind, body and spirit to result in total wellness of the body and mind to the aspirant. I have known Anita over the last five years. She is a person who dedicates totally in pursuit of perfection in what she does. After following several weeks of intense sessions reinforced by practice of yoga and meditation at home I am very happy to report that many aspects of my symptoms have greatly improved.. Gradually the number of healing sessions per week have been reduced but maintaining the Yoga and Meditation sessions at home.

I am happy that I was able to experience the “Energy Healing” and thankful that my symptoms have greatly improved. I am grateful to Anita for showing that there is at least another way to overcome difficult symptoms like Parkinson and perhaps other such difficult issues."

~K.P., AZ


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