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Prana Gyana

I truly feel like I have regained my balance and my high spirits!

"In the present world tension and stress is a common word in day to day life. I have read about the practice of yoga ,the asanas, the chakras in our body etc... but this was more for my knowledge or interest.. Several years ago, when I experienced a major tragedy in my life which came very unexpectedly. I was not in a position to accept it or probably did not have the courage to let it go and move on with my life. It had taken a toll on my physical and emotional health and my inability to let things go was affecting my family as well.


After attending the workshop, there is a change in my perception.

Before I used to get angry if anyone contradicted my views. Now I try to understand the viewpoint of others.  Also, I feel more peaceful and sleep better at night. I can definitely say that the workshop has been very beneficial to me."

~ Anil I., Retired Engineer, Phoenix, AZ


I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation program.

Will absolutely recommend it for everyone whether going through stress or just curiosity. Thank you for a wonderful workshop!”

~ Anu S., Chandler, AZ~


I always conceptually understood the basics of meditation...

However, it wasn't until the class with Anita that this concept became a practice that went from head to heart. I feel like I have a thorough foundation for a meditation practice that I couldn't just find from books and audio. No matter what path anyone has in life, I wouldn't recommend taking that journey without a meditation practice."

~ Eli Brown-Stevenson~

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