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Prana Gyana


Balance your SELF with Meditation

We offer guided and silent meditation classes that allow you to go deep within yourself to tap into spirit and reconnect with the Universal source. Know that you CAN unleash your deepest desires and manifest your destiny!  The intention is to not only allow you to release stress at a physical and mental level, but also to begin asking the soul questions of “Who am I” and What is my purpose”? So, if you are truly ready to dive in and begin the dialogue with the Universe, come join us for a powerful meditation session!

We have a monthly Satsangha which essentially means association with the wise and like minded souls, by which we can elevate the mind and purify it.  It is the easiest and quickest way to begin a shift in perception and bring in peace and happiness into your life. In the ocean of worldliness and a multitude of distractions, it is important to have an anchor and Satsangha provides just that!



What is Meditation
10 Reasons to Meditate
Meditation Research



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